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Online Shop / eCommerce Website Design

Any Type of Website or System to Sell Products or Services Online.

Unlimited number of products, services or web pages. You own the website and there are no ongoing fees. There is the option for us to provide the web hosting and to provide a maintenance service.

Features Included

  • Receive online credit card or PayPal payments through the PayPal gateway (others available)
  • Shopping cart and checkout
  • Easily make changes to your website yourself, such as adding and editing products
  • Mobile responsive.
  • Social media links

Optional Extras

  • Other payment gateways including PayMaya, DragonPay, PesoPay, iPay88, MIGS, eWay - and just about any other.
  • COD and bank transfer options.
  • Integrations with banks through APIs
  • Account login
  • Website maintenance plans
  • Freight/delivery/shipping charges. There are unlimited options here, from simple "free delivery above a certain amount spent", to very custom systems. Custom systems can be based on a matrix that includes dimensions, weight, zip code, express/normal, special packaging, quantity delivery, etc.
  • Integrations with delivery services such as UPS, FedEx, US post, Australia Post, or any company that has an API interface we can connect to.
  • High performance web hosting
  • Domain name registration

WordPress with WooCommerce  On-line Shop Website

A great looking on-line shop website built with WordPress and WooCommerce. There are many great themes to choose from, and many plugins available. This the lowest cost option in getting a professional online shop website. Note that this option does not allow for customization.

Custom On-line Shop eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website design based on a websites that you've found on the net, or one of your own designs. We also have a complete branding service, so we can create a design for you.

We may not use WordPress here, and it will depend on the features and design you're after.

eCommerce Web app (for use with mobile apps).

A web app is typically only used for websites with mobile apps, or for very special purpose websites, such as hotel booking systems, online learning websites, etc. A web app, or web application. is a website where the browser on the PC communicates with the server through and API, in the same way a mobile app does. 

Technology - WordPress (and WooCommerce), Drupal, Laravel and Node.js

  • WordPress with WooCommerce - Our standard online shop websites are built with WordPress and WooCommerce, and there are thousands of great themes to select from.
  • Drupal - For higher end websites, typically we use Drupal CMS or Laravel, but may use WordPress sometimes. Drupal comes into its own when there are roles and permissions that limit users to certain content or administrative functions. Drupal is also more powerful than WordPress, and is preferred for large websites, especially if they have complex features.
  • Laravel - With Laravel there is no limit to the complexity or the features, and we can build ant ERP functionality into it. We often build simpler eCommerce websites with Laravel, if the client has the intention for building future complex features onto the website.
  • Node.js - This is for very large websites where speed is critical - for example, sites that require complex product searches, have a very large number of products, or those that have a large social media component. Netflix, LinkedIn, Walmart, Uber, PayPal, eBay are built with Node.js. We also often use Node.js if the client intends to have a mobile app with their website.

Note - Prices are exclusive of VAT  (VAT is not applicable for clients outside of the Philippines)


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