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Progressive Web Apps - PWAs - October 28, 2018

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The way that websites work is about to be flipped on its head - Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, are going to change everything.


What are they?

  • They’re like an app that you download from a your Apple Store or Google play - BUT - you don’t have to download them!
  • On the website, you just click “save as app”, and presto, the website is an app that you can click on like any other app on your phone.

Are they already being used or is this some future technology?

  • They’re here now, and soon to replace most apps as we know them!

What websites are already available as a PWAs, and what are the results?

  • Twitter Lite Social Media PWA - The Engineering Lead for Twitter Lite, notes: “Twitter Lite is now the fastest, least expensive, and most reliable way to use Twitter. The Progressive web app rivals the performance of our native apps but requires less than 3% of the device storage space compared to Twitter for Android.”
  • Starbucks Coffee - features include Location-specific price listings, smooth and high quality animations, and its fast.
  • Trivago - They wrote - All of this enhanced engagement has in turn led to improvements in conversion, with a 97% increase in clickouts to hotel offers for users of the PWA.
  • Forbes News and General Interest  -  With the PWA, their website time to render has dropped from 6.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds.
  • Pinterest - With a PWA, the time to Interactive was reduced by a staggering 75% from 20 seconds to 5s.
  • And so many more

The PWA results reported by these large corporations were:

  • Greatly reduced loading times for mobile web pages
  • Improved customer engagement and re engagement
  • Higher click through rates, reduced bounce rates and Increased conversions
  • Comparatively low development cost
  • For areas of poor internet connection, Trivago reported - “For those visitors who do go offline during their session, the ability to continue accessing the site is clearly very valuable. Among users whose sessions are interrupted by a period offline, 67% of those who come back online continue browsing the site.”

Can PWAs do everything that Mobile apps can do?

  • In short - No! But this is only the dawn of PWAs, and with the speed that internet technology is evolving, it would be difficult to imagine that it won’t be long before they can do everything that apps can do.

What can PWAs work on?

  • Today PWAs are fully functional and installable on:
  • Android with most browsers, with Chrome offering the best experience
  • iOS with Safari
  • Chromebooks
  • Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store
  • Support is also coming to macOS, Windows and Linux through Chrome later this year.

How can we help?

  • We have the team to be able to make your website or app into a PWA. We can also build you a new website that also functions as a PWA. Please Contact Us for more information about PWAs.
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