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Launch of the Access America Website November 23, 2015


Halcyon Web Design (Halcyon Digital Media Design Inc.)  is proud to announce the launch of the website we built for Access America in the Philippines - accessamerica.com.ph

We at Halcyon worked closely with the Access America staff, to make this not only a visually attractive and informative website, but also one which was simple to navigate on all devices, including cellular phones, tablets, notebooks and desktops.


The website was built using the Drupal open source CMS platform. The eCommerce functions were accomplished by using Drupal Commerce, the open-source eCommerce software that augments the Drupal content management system.

Online payments were made possible through the DragonPay online payment service provider. The DragonPay Module, which is now available to all Drupal users, was also developed by the staff of Halcyon Web Design.

Live chat on the website is provided by by phplive, which is a program installed on our server.

The website is hosted on our Singapore server, which provides the fastest access for the Philippines.

The website works like this:-

  1. From the Philippines, shop from online stores anywhere in the US.
  2. Mark your US delivery address by the one provided by Access America.
  3. Go online to Access America, and consolidate all your items into one shipment - Putting all your items in one box saves money.
  4. While online with access america, Pay your shipping fees and calculated Philippine customs tariffs.
  5. Wait a few days while your goods are air freighted to the Philippines and cleared through customs.
  6. Your goods will now be delivered to your doorstep in the Philippines.

We look forward to working with Access America in the near future, as we will continue to bring enhancements to their website.

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