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Apple and Android Mobile App Development

Mobile Applications and Progressive Web App (PWA) Development


Why Choose us to Build Your Mobile Application or Progressive Web App (PWA) - for Philippines or Overseas Companies

We have:-

  • Very competitive pricing 
  • A large mobile applications development team
  • Experience in progressive web app development
  • Having some 70 inhouse staff, we are able to have specific teams for each part of the development process, or for the specific technology you're want to use. Our teams include:
    • A graphics/branding team to ensure that your mobile app looks great
    • A UX (User Experience) team to ensure that the feel and navigation of the app is cleverly thought out
    • A QA (quality assurance) team to ensure that the app is well tested, and meets your and our standards
    • A project management team to ensure that the app is finished on time, and keeps you informed of the progress
    • A large team of developers to develop the backend system - CMS,  database, web app, etc
    • Expertise in a large range of the latest technologies, including REACT Native, Ionic, Cordova, NodeJS, VueJS, Angular, Laravel, PHP, mongoDB, MySQL, to mention a few
    • A server team so we can host and maintain your application on our servers - we have servers in Singapore (for Asia), Europe, across the US and Canada, and in Sydney, Australia

Progressive Web Application Development (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps, or PWA, offers cheaper development costs than regular mobile apps. PWAs can be accessed offline just like any normal app. Most importantly, PWAs take away the need for installation of apps via Google Plays Store or App Store. They are also a flexible platform for upgrading in the future to a full mobile app.

  • We have the team to be able to make your website into a PWA, or to build you a new website that will also function as a PWA. Please contact us for more information about PWAs.

Our Technology - Ionic and REACT Native

Regardless of how complex the functionality, we can build it. We can integrate it into your existing website, or build you a new one.

  • We build the apps with Ionic and Cordova, or with REACT Native.
  • Backend options include PHP native and Laravel
  • We have a large Node.js team and we can work with REACT,  AngularJS, Vue.js and MEAN.
  • API's include Websocket and WebRTC
  • Databases include MySQL and MongoDB

Mobile Application Development Outsourcing

Much of our mobile app development work is done for clients outside the Philippines - mainly Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, Singapore,  and other western and Asian countries. If you'd like to know more about outsourcing your mobile app development work to us, please contact us through the link below, and one of our sales team, or John Piechnick, our Australian CEO, will be happy to call and discuss your requirements.

For more information or a quotation, please contact us.


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