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Freelance Web Developers – Why We Are Cheaper

Freelance web designers seem like a very low cost alternative, because most web design companies charge high rates. We are a low cost alternative. Here's why:-

  • Our company is located in the Philippines, making our hourly rates fairly low.
  • We operate out of very modest offices, keeping our overheads down.
  • We've built just about every type of website - online store websites, buy-and-sell websites, directory sites, dating sites, eLearning sites, travel sites, public company websites, hotel booking engines, golf course booking systems, and so on - so you're not paying for us to learn how to build your website.
  • All of our developers are in-house – we don't subcontract out.

Web design qualities, services and functions you'll need:-

(It's not easy to get all these from a freelancer)

  • Low cost
  • An experienced and very capable web designer
  • A great communicator in English - who can understand your requirements
  • Realistic - great at project planning
  • Competent graphics artist – can make a great looking site
  • Reliable and honest
  • Understands internet marketing.
  • Is available any time
  • Has a solid quality assurance program so that you and your clients are not left to find the bugs in your website
  • Have built just about every type of website, quite recently, so that your not paying for them to learn how to build yours.
  • Knows how to build sites that don't get hacked.
  • Is an expert in all web platforms, especially WordPress and Drupal.
  • Knows how to solve server and email problems

At halcyon we have the following groups and expertise

  • Sales
  • Project management
  • Junior and senior developers
  • CSS/web developers
  • PHP/javascript programmers
  • WordPress developers
  • Drupal developers
  • Laravel developers
  • Quality assurance team
  • Graphics artists
  • Internet marketing team -(SEO and Adwords)
  • Web server, hosting, and email specialists.

Summary - Why we can be cheaper than freelance web developers.

  • Senior web developers are very expensive, as they are in high demand. But a senior developer is not required to build a complete website – they only need to help out with difficult tasks. By having senior and junior web developers working on your project, the end result is lower cost. As an example, it would be expensive if the architect of your house also poured the concrete and dug the foundations, did the plumbing, etc. Web design is not too different, there are many skill sets in building a website, and we assign individual tasks to different developers and this speeds up the process, and reduces the cost.
  • We build websites with different web platforms, but a developer will only ever work with one web platform, be it WordPress, Drupal, Laravel or any other.
  • A freelance web developer can't handle multiple projects at one time, so expect delays – which can cost you time and money

Freelancer Web Developer Scams and Problems:-

  • We've had many clients who have started off their websites using freelancers, only to have them disappear with their money.
  • After your site is finished, you may be locked into using them for further support at very high rates.
  • When the job gets too difficult, some will just drag it out until you give up on them.
  • Some actually don't build the sites themselves, and subcontract out to other low cost freelancers.
  • Some freelancers are too poor to build your site, and don't have the resources to build your website. They may use borrowed laptops or have no or very poor internet connections.
  • They find a job and just abandon your project.
  • Young developers who can't find a job, market themselves as a freelance web developers. They have no experience outside of school projects, so really don't know what they're doing. You may end up with a website riddled with bugs, and one that eventually gets hacked.
  • Many have a day jobs and have to squeeze you in over weekends or at night.

A final note on freelance web designers:-

Of course, there are good freelancers out there, but they are unlikely to be hunting for extra work. There are some that we would be happy to hire, but they are earning much more that we can afford to pay, and some are more expensive than us. 
We run job advertisements everyday, as we are in need of more web developers - they are very difficult to find. Many of the applicants are freelance web designers, and the vast majority of them are just not good enough to take on. Some of them turned to freelancing, because they couldn't get a job. Even the good freelancers that we take on require a lot of training -  they may be intelligent and experienced web designers, but sorely lacking in professionalism, communication skills, customer support and quality assurance. Our internal training and mentoring program deals with those issues.

Our CEO, John Piechnick, is an Australian, and lives in the Philippines. Please contact him using our contact form, and he'll be happy to assist. We can build websites of any complexity. Skype calls can be arranged.

Email john@halcyondigitalmedia.com



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