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Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

HRIS, Payroll, Inventory Control, Bookings, and More.


Originally known as a leader in providing custom websites and mobile applications, we have evolved to become a market leader in customized cloud based, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

We are one of the Philippines' foremost agile innovators and application designers. Applying the Agile methodology (Scrum) together with a creative thinking approach, we build exactly to our clients requirements, whilst containing costs by using the latest of the open source frameworks. There are no license fees with our software.

Halcyon addresses the software needs of companies of all sizes, ranging from startups to large enterprises.

Our capabilities - No project is too small or too large

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software development
  • Hotel booking Systems,
  • HRIS systems - Payroll, training, recruitment,
  • Inventory Control
  • Property Management Systems
  • Golf Management Systems
  • Medical Records Systems
  • Mobile applications
  • Buy And Sell systems/websites
  • eCommerce Systems
  • Systems that need to interface to your existing systems, such as SAP, Netsuite, Navation, QuickBooks, Xero, and others

We can

  • Build any type of online system
  • Design and manage your project from start to finish.
  • Turn your paper based process flow into a cloud based system
  • Create an in-house team working solely on your project. The team can be fully accountable to you
  • Provide extra manpower for your existing project
  • Take over an existing project

Company Culture

  • We love challenging projects!
  • Our success in the Philippines has been mainly due to getting repeat business from large corporations, both local and international. This has come about by:-
    •   Being able to intelligently understand our clients’ requirements
    •   Making recommendations by sharing our knowledge and expertise
    •   Delivering on time what has been promised
    •   Providing systems that work first time
  • The culture of the office and working environment, is Western
  • All our staff are able to communicate well in English.


The Laravel Option

  • It's the latest of the PHP frameworks
  • It’s easy to find and hire talented and experienced Laravel developers
  • Many of the new college graduates are experienced and passionate about Laravel
  • Laravel developers are quickly productive
  • It makes sense costwise, especially for the smaller systems.

Node.js Option

  • The future best softeware choice for large ERP looks to be the javascript suite of libraries and frameworks.
  • The suite includes such libraries such are REACT, Angular, REACT Native, Vue, and many more.
  • Node.js is an application runtime environment that allows for writing server-side applications in JavaScript.
  • Most of our very large systems are now built with Node.js.
  • Systems can be built with either MongoDB or MySQL databases.

The Microservices Option

Microservices is a technique to program development in where a huge application is designed as a collection of modular services. Each module can handle a particular business goal and uses a very simple, well-defined interface to express with other models of services.

Companies such as Uber, Amazon, Netflix and Ebay are built using microservices. Mmicroservices are used when the system is too big to be one system. Systems that are not microservices are termed "monlithic".

Why Microservices:

  • Many people can work on a project at the same time.
  • Microservices can be spread across many servers.
  • If a single microservice fails, it will not affect the rest of the services
  • Microservices are easy to add to

Why not Monolithic:

  • For very large systems, Monolithic systems require “tribal knowledge” for implementing changes over time. This knowledge is easy to lose over time, and therefore difficult to maintain.
  • Large monolithic systems are difficult to update or features to add to.


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