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My name is John Piechnick, and I’m the CEO for Halcyon Web Design, a PHP/Laravel development company based in Manila. Our specialization is in complex backend systems, booking engines, HR systems, Payroll systems and APIs, to mention a few. No project is too small or too large. We also have a graphic design team, so we can produce stunning websites or other graphics.

Our experience includes working with Bootstrap, Git, RESTful and Angular JS. We are also a Drupal module development company.

Our PHP and Laravel services include the following. We can:-

  • Create an inhouse team working solely on your project. The team can be fully accountable to you
  • Provide extra manpower for your existing Laravel or PHP project
  • Design, manage and complete your project
  • Take over an existing project

Why work with us (and me):-

  • Having previously worked for Emerson Electric for 12 years as Senior Principal  Engineer in Electronic Design, in both China (NanJing) and the Philippines, I have experience in working with some of the largest companies in the world.
  • My previous experience with QA is a foundation of our company
  • With nearly 20 years of working in Asia with young engineers, software developers and web developers, I have gained a solid understanding of Philippine culture, which is vital for any company operating in the Philippines
  • We are a legally registered company in the Philippines - Halcyon Digital Media Design Inc., and abide by all the Philippine labor laws

Our Culture:-

  • We love challenging projects!
  • Our success in the Philippines has been mainly due to getting repeat business from large corporations, both local and international. This has come about by:-
    • Being able to intelligently understand our clients’ requirements
    • Making recommendations by sharing our knowledge and expertise
    • Delivering on time what has been promised
    • Providing systems that work first time
    • Our graphic team is able to produce a high standard of graphics, so we can produce stunning websites and/or collaterals.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer. Age, marital status, religion, gender orientation, etc, are not factors in choosing our staff
  • The culture of the office and working environment, is Western
  • All our staff are able to communicate well in English.

Over the last few years we have increasingly shifted to Laravel. This is because of:-

  • The power of the Laravel platform
  • It’s easy to find and hire talented and experienced Laravel developers
  • Many of the new college graduates are experienced and passionate about Laravel
  • Laravel developers are quickly productive

You may want to consider outsourcing part or even all of your development work to us. Please email or call me, and I’d be happy to personally discuss your requirements. If you could provide your Skype ID, I’d be happy to chat that way.

John Piechnick
(Australian national - Philippine resident)

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